Country Hideaway RV Campground has come a long way. From being purchased in March, 2017 by Mike & Wendy to that devastating May 5th, 2017 night in which the river berm broke and quite literally the campground floated down the river. In the place of the beautiful grassy areas were deep sink holes with the loss of tons of soil, sand and gravel and in its place mud along with hundreds and hundreds of water soaked trees and logs. All of the water and electrical services were destroyed as was the pump house, bathrooms and the gazebo.

But right from the beginning Mike & Wendy learned about what kind of neighbors people in Grand Forks are. When they went rushing back to the main house as the news was reporting another round of rising river levels they saw that kind strangers had placed hundred and hundreds of sand bags around the main house, keeping the rising river from also destroying the home. When it came time to clear the logs and dead tree’s that the river had left behind, people stepped forward with machinery. When it came to trying to find fill to replace the tons of soil, sand and gravel that had been lost in the flood, even the local highways crew came through with over 60 tandem dump truck loads of fill with the cost only being a smile and a shake of hands.

The support of family and friends has also been incredible. From digging trenches by hand, to running machinery to hand laying tile, sanding and painting Mike and Wendy did not even need to ask but instead found family & friends taking there precious vacation time to come and work hard even with some friends actually moving so that they could be there to help day and night.

I have always believed that devastating events have some sort of silver lining and watching the transformation of Country Hideaway RV Campground has been incredible. Water and electrical lines have been replaced resulting in greater capacity. Bathrooms are now something that would make the front cover of House & Garden Magazine with beautiful mosaic tiling and incredible natural log counter tops. Even area’s that were not effected by the flood have been upgraded including a wider and more gradual graded entrance and WiFi that means that no matter where you are in the park you can always send that wonderful picture back to friends.

It has been a journey for Mike and Wendy, not one of devastation and tears of sorrow but that of tears of happiness knowing that family, friends and community were there to make Country Hideaway RV Campground better than ever and personally I am honored to also be part of this journey.

Currently, Mike & Wendy are welcoming limited guests during a soft opening with the understanding that with discounted rates that the park is still being made ready.